Experience tells us that we will be seeing some terrific ideas. Yours needs to stand out! The five finalists will need to complete a questionnaire, which the judges will grade as noted below.

What will you do? Provide a brief statement of your work highlighting its potential impact as it relates to helping individuals feel a greater sense of belonging. 25% weighting

How is it different? Explain how your plan is innovative or distinctive. What part is new to your organization? 20% weighting

How will it help? Explain the expected short and long-term outcomes of your plan, and how it will benefit your stakeholders and the Guelph-Wellington community as a whole. 25% weighting

How will it work? Outline the plan for a timely and successful implementation of your plan. 20% weighting

How is this a stretch for you? Explain how this work will support organizational development for your charity’s staff/ leadership team. 10% weighting